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Top 10 Biggest Man-Made Structures

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Top 10 Biggest Man-Made Structures! Today we’re looking at ten of the biggest man-made structures in the world. Once humans decided that caves were a little 50,000 BC, we began to build bigger and better structures of our own; from huts to castles to palaces and now… well this is taking it too far actually!

Here is our list on the biggest things ever made by humans, these structures and the definition of huge! When you come to think of it, man-kind really is awesome!

The Burj Khalifa, the tallest building in the world and the tallest tower in the world which is located in Dubai, is not on this list, as it is small compared to everything else!

10. Australian highway network
The largest continuous structures that we have created are our highways and Australia holds the longest; Highway 1. It loops right the way around the country, totalling about 9000 miles.

9. Tesla gigafactory
Elon Musk is intent on inhabiting Mars but he’s also doing a good job of taking over the earth by creating the building with the largest footprint; the Tesla Gigafactory. It covers 5.5 million square feet which is about 100 football fields, enough space for about a million people to stand.

8. Aerium
Just outside Berlin is a giant white bubble which is the largest free standing hall in the world. Originally it was called Aerium and was built by a company called CargoLifter who intended to use it to build and test airships.

7. Aalsmeer Auction Building
13km from Amsterdam is a gigantic building where shipments arrive daily from exotic places like Colombia and Morocco. But rather than Tony Montana’s head office, this is actually a flower market and the world’s largest auction. It’s almost the size of the Tesla factory and some 20 million flowers are sold every day; I guess the Dutch just have very apologetic boyfriends.

6. Boeing Everett factory
At half a billion cubic feet, the Boeing Everett aircraft factory has the biggest volume of any building ever built. It’s so large that it has systems in place to deal with the micro-climate that is created inside. When it first opened, they realised clouds would form at the top so they had to create a better circulation system as indoor rain would really ruin your lunch break.

5. Kunshan Grand Bridge
This is our world’s longest bridge and helps carry the high-speed rail line that connects Beijing and Shanghai. The bridge is 102.4 miles long but only around 5 miles of that is to cross a large stretch of open water.

4. Great Wall of China
Of course, China have a proud history of big builds that span the country with the world famous Great Wall. Its length is actually up for a lot of debate but even the shortest estimate is 5,500 miles. As a comparison, if Trump completes his Mexican border wall, it will only be about 1900 miles. One archaeological survey reported that the entire wall with all of its branches spanned some 13,171 miles.

3. Rungrado 1st of May Stadium
When it comes to sports stadiums there is one clear winner. So, who owns this colossus; the USA? China? Brazil maybe? Actually, it is the sporting powerhouse of North Korea. That’s right, at 2.2 million square feet and a rumoured capacity of 150,000, it’s home to the North Korean football team, ranked 76 in the world.

2. Meyer Werft Dry Dock
The biggest ports are all in China but the largest dry dock is in Papenburg, Germany. Dockehalle 2 is actually the 4th largest useable space in the world, after the Boeing factory, the French Airbus factory and Tropical Island. It produces ferries, gas tankers and can make up to three cruise ships per year.

1.Dubai Mall
Although when it comes to shopping there are bigger shopping centres, the Dubai Mall covers the most land thanks to the huge amount of other entertainment it contains. Its 12 million square feet contains the usual retail and dining you’d expect from a mall but there’s also an aquarium, an ice rink, a 22 screen cinema as well as game zones and kids spaces.

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