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Most Powerful Armored Vehicles In The World!

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Check out the most powerful armored vehicles in the world! This top 10 list of bulletproof military cars features some of the biggest and strongest vehicles on earth!

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10.) T-98 Kombat
The T-98 Kombat is driven by a 340 hp V8, giving the lightest T-98 a top speed of 111 mph, which makes this one of the fastest all-terrain armored vehicles in the world! This vehicle can also take you from 0 to over 60 mph within 10 seconds. On average, the T-98 Kombat tips the scales at over 11,000 pounds. It has a 36 gallon tank, 2.3-inch-thick bulletproof glass, and prices starting at around $138,000. The purpose of this car was to protect Russia’s wealthiest businessmen as they are often subjects of kidnapping threats. The armored body can also serve as protection from mine blasts. Even with all this protection and quick, high speed, the T-98 Kombat is simply known as a luxury vehicle. Besides being super safe, it offers all the luxuries you can imagine. Not only is the T-98 Kombat sold in the United States, Russia, and Saudi Arabia, but it can also be seen in popular culture. In the 2012 comedy, The Dictator, a gold colored version of the T-98 Kombat was used. Furthermore, the T-98 Kombat also makes appearances in Grand Theft Auto V and the 2014 action movie, The November Man.

9.) Mercedes Benz s600 Guard
This vehicle is one of the newest luxury armored cars. This car gives so much protection from previous Mercedes armored vehicles that its windows, which are several times thicker than the stock double-pane glass, are so heavy that each needs its own hydraulic lift to open and close. Its top speed is 130 miles per hour, and with a seven speed automatic transmission, it can go from 0 to 60 in about 4 seconds, and holds a V12 engine with 530 hp. There are several options you can get for this vehicle, such as a heated windshield and side windows, hidden blue lights, an automatic fire-suppression system, a panic alarm, and blackout blinds. Furthermore, this guard lineup also includes a limo, which reaches a price of over a million dollars in Germany. This limo holds the best money can buy at 5.5 tons, which is about 11,000 pounds. Because of the added weight of this armored limo, the doors open and close with the assistance of an electric motor. And to top your customized order off, this limo can be fitted with sirens, flashing lights, emergency starter battery, and external communication systems.

8.) Marauder
The Marauder is an armored, mine-protected vehicle, which was launched during the 2007 International Defense Exhibition (IDEX) and Conference in Abu Dhabi. The Marauder has a six cylinder turbo diesel engine and can run speeds of 75mph, a maximum range of about 430 miles and weighs about 20 tons. Its windows alone are 3.5 inches thick. Furthermore, the Marauder can carry up to ten people. It is described as being one of the world’s most unstoppable vehicles and can survive a land mine explosion. In fact, the Marauder is so durable it can go through a brick wall at top speeds. The Marauder’s payload capacity can hold about 13,000 pounds and can fit various defense and weapons systems, including light and medium-caliber machine guns, cannon weapon installations, and missile launchers. There is a civilian version of the Marauder, which comes in at about $500,000. However, according to Richard Hamilton, who test drove the civilian Marauder for Top Gear in 2011, if you plan on purchasing this vehicle, be ready for some strange looks from pedestrians. I’m sure that’s why most people want it in the first place.

7.) Inkas Huron
Are you worried about the zombie apocalypse?? Well not anymore! The Inkas Huron APC vehicle is known to be a zombie-proof, indestructible vehicle that can hold up to 16 people. This vehicle is designed to protect its occupants from high-power rifle fire, such as an AK-47 and hand grenade blasts. This vehicle is also equipped with gun portholes down the sides, including on the driver’s door. Under the hood of this beast is an 8.3L diesel cranking out 310 hp. This vehicle was definitely meant for a war zone, and its engine is a 10-speed automatic transmission that holds a 75 gallon fuel tank. The INKAS company, which makes this armored beast, says that the weight of the Huron varies, but usually weighs in at 33,000 pounds. The weight of the vehicle actually depends on what type of add-on you want to order!

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