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Most EXTREME And BADASS Helicopters In The World!

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9: Volocopter 2X
With more people living in cities than in rural areas, traffic congestion is getting worse. To address this pressing problem, key transportation players are looking to the skies.
Forget self driving cars, your next means of commute might be a flying machine like the Volocopter 2X! It’s a multi-rotator electronic helicopter with 18 propellers. Its cabin seats two people and it can fly without any human intervention.

8: V-22 Osprey
In 1980, President Jimmy Carter sent the US military to rescue 52 American workers held captive at the US embassy in Tehran. The mission failed, but the army learned some hard lessons.
There was an urgent need for an aircraft that could transport and deploy combat troops on any surface quickly. It had to have a good range, speed, and the ability to perform an amphibious landing.

7: Mil Mi-10
The Mil Mi-10 is a large helicopter categorized as an aerial crane. The Soviets made it in the 1960s to transport bulky loads.
It was an improvement on the Mi-6 helicopter. And, it holds several world records for transporting heavy loads at high altitudes. On 28 May 1965, it airlifted a load of 25,105 kg (11,387lbs.) to an altitude of 2,000 m (6,600 ft.)

6: AH-1Z Viper
This helicopter is a technologically advanced military helicopter, launched in the year 2000. The US Marine Corps incorporated it in 2010, and full-scale production began in 2012.
The intimidating viper has some of the best weapons and technologies, such as an infrared suppression system, radar jammer, and a radar warning system.

5: Hughes XH-17
Dubbed as the ‘Flying Crane,’ it was one of the first attempts to create a heavy-lifting helicopter in the US.
The Kellett Aircraft Corporation designed the XH-17 but sold the blueprints to the Hughes Aircraft Company in 1947.
Howard Hughes, the company’s founder (remember him?) commissioned the XH-17 to be built. By 1948, it had taken shape. To cut costs, the fabricators salvaged parts from World War 2 airplanes.

4: MIL V-12
The Mil V-12 is another gigantic Soviet helicopter, which holds the world record for the biggest helicopter ever produced.
But, it resembles a normal airplane with rotors attached to the wings. So, why did the Soviets decide to build such a monster?
The Mil V-12 was meant to transport heavy loads such as missiles to the remotest regions of Siberia. Normal planes could not handle the task since the areas lacked airports.

3: Sikorsky X2
Commercial jet planes cruise at speeds of 878 km/h (546 mph) to 926 km/h (575 mph). One of the fastest civil helicopter, the H155 made by Airbus Helicopter, has a mere top speed of 324 km/h (201 mph).
Evidently, helicopters are slow. But, the Sikorsky Aircraft Corporation based in Connecticut, aims to change this by churning out fast models such as the X2.

2: De Lackner HZ-1
The HZ-1, also known as the “Aerocycle” was a one-man helicopter, made for the average soldier for use in battlefields.
It had a small engine, which would drive two rotor propellers. Strangely, the soldier would stand on a platform, directly over the blades.
De Lackner refused to include any sort of safety device between the platform and the blades. Therefore, you really had to stay put and avoid falling off during a flight.

1: Boeing CH-47 Chinook
It’s an American heavy-lift chopper manufactured by Boeing Rotorcraft Systems. More than 1,200 twin-engine Chinooks have been built since the year 1962. A unit goes for $38.5 million.
This badass chopper was named after the Native American Chinook people, who occupied modern-day Washington State.
To transport troops and cargo efficiently, it has multiple doors across its fuselage. Using its three external hooks, it can also carry unslung loads.

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