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Most Dangerous Birds In The World

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These are the most dangerous birds in the world! From the largest to the scariest birds, do not mess with these deadly birds because they will attack humans and mess you up!

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10.) Red-Tailed Hawk
Red-Tailed Hawks are enormous birds commonly found across North America. It can often be seen perched on roadside poles or soaring over open areas looking for prey from way up high.

9.) Snowy Owl
The snowy owl is the one of the world’s most beautiful birds. They are known as being the one of the world’s most northerly bird of prey although in these recent extreme winters we have had the past few years, snowy owls have even been seen in New York City.

8.) Bearded Vulture
The bearded vulture, also known as the lammergeier, is a pretty intense bird. It is a bird of prey and is known for its unusual habit of dropping bones or freshly killed corpses on top of rocks to shatter the bones so they can get to the marrow inside.

7.) Barred Owl
The Barred Owl is another dangerous owl to look out for. These beautiful brown and white birds can camouflage themselves quite well and you could walk right by one without even noticing.

6.) Great Northern Loon
The great northern loon is a diving bird which you are probably familiar with. They are a migratory bird that spends its summers in North America and Winters in the South along the coast.

5.) Mute Swan
The mute swan looks like a very peaceful creature, since it is so graceful and beautiful, but it is actually a very large and territorial bird so be careful!

4.) Australian Magpie
Out of all of the dangerous, deadly, venomous creatures that live in Australia, the most feared animal is the Australian magpie.

3.) European Herring Gull
The European herring gull is a large gull found all over Northern an Western Europe as well as in the UK and the Baltics.

2.) African Ostrich
This is the largest bird on Earth and the only surviving and remaining ostrich species in the world after the Arabian Ostrich went extinct.

1.) Southern Cassowary
This dangerous, flightless bird is native to the tropical forests of New Guinea and Northeastern Australia. This black bird can weigh more than 130 pounds and are about 6 feet tall.

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