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Fairy Tale Locations that Really Exist

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You WON'T BELIEVE the incredible, mysterious and strange locations we have found for you ! Straight out of a fairy tale !

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5. Glenfinnan Viaduct
If this place looks very fantastical, and maybe a little familiar, that’s probably because it is. Familiar at least. Harry Potter fans… do you recognize it? Well, you should because this railway viaduct was used in the films as the tracks for the Hogwarts Express! Where is this beautiful place, you ask? In Scotland, on the West Highland Line in Glenfinnan, Inverness-shire.

This breathtaking stretch of track was completed in October 1898 and has been used to transport materials across the valley ever since. The viaduct itself has 21 semicircular spans of 50 feet and is built from mass concrete and does not contain any metal for reinforcement. It’s been featured in more than just Harry Potter, too. It’s been seen in lots of film and tv series, including Stone of Destiny, Charlotte Gray, Monarch of the Glen, and Ring of Bright Water.

I bet the view from a train on this track is incredible, not to mention the view from the bottom up must be pretty amazing, too.

4. Sea of Stars
Ohhh, shiny. Phytoplankton is what you see glowing away in the water here. Doesn’t it look like a reflection of the night sky? This incredible sight can be found on Vaadhoo Island in Raa Atoll, Maldives. You can also catch the unusual sight in Vieques, Puerto Rico, and the bioluminescent bay there is considered the best example of such a bay in all the U.S.!

If you want to experience a place with a real fairytale feel, visit the Sea of Stars in the Maldives and treat yourself to a night full of all-natural, bioluminescent magic!

3. Bergpark Wilhelmshohe
This incredible park is found in Kassel, Germany and is the second largest park on a hill slope in the world and the first largest in all of Europe, with an area of 590 acres! Bergpark literally means “mountain park,” and it took 150 years to build, with construction beginning in 1696. Since 2013, the park has been a UNESCO World Heritage site, and it is open for the public to visit today! The main attraction of the park is the Hercules monument, which sits at the summit of Karlsberg mountain 1,726 feet in the air! This fantastic place has been featured in all kinds of literature throughout the years and was even said to possibly be the inspiration behind this photo, which is photoshopped and shows a real church that’s located in Budapest atop a stunning waterfall. Bergpark Wilhelmshohe looks like the ideal place for a fairy tale, don’t you think?

2. Avenue of the Baobabs
These trees almost don’t look real! These Adansonia grandidieri—the most famous and largest of six species of baobab tree in Madagascar—and arranged in a fantastic, prominent group and line the road between Belon’i Tsiribihina in western Madagascar.

These big, beastly trees live up to 800 years and are highly respected by locals for their value as building material and as a food source! These trees are and have been, threatened by deforestation for a long time, and in 2007 it was granted temporary protected status, and there are hopes that it will one day become Madagascar’s first natural monument.

As of right now, the area is not considered a natural park and therefore has no gate fees or visitor center, and the residents in the area don’t make much off of tourism to the site. I say give it the natural monument title, charge a little fee for visits, make a small profit off of the place, as long as it helps from anyone destroying these big, beautiful trees!

1. Petra
Petra—an archaeological and historical city—is located in southern Jordan, and was once known as Raqmu. The city was established as the capital city of the Nabataean Kingdom and is thought to have been founded as early as the 4th century BC.

The first ever historical reference to the city came in 312 BC when an apparently envious Greek dynasty decided to attack and attempt a ransacking, but the Nabataeans were used to the desert, unlike the Greeks, and were able to easily defend their city using the mountainous terrain of the area.

Petra was made a UNESCO World Heritage site back in 1985, and it has remained as such ever since. Tourism is booming, and hundreds of thousands of people visit Petra every year. Just look at how magnificent the architecture is. And for it to be just carved into the wall as it is, is incredible. How is this place real? It’s been featured in lots of novels, films, tv shows, music videos, and even video games throughout the years, and no wonder, the place is perfect for anything fantastic.

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