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Animals Found FROZEN In Ice!

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Check out these animals found frozen in ice! This top 10 list of strange and mysterious prehistoric creatures have been discovered frozen alive in time!

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11. Hare in Mid-Jump
Warning: these images might be a little graphic. If you think where you live is cold, Kazakhstan has suffered some extreme cold spells this winter, even reaching -56C. This abnormally cold weather accompanied by icy winds and blizzards, are not only dangerous to critters but humans as well.

10. Semyon the Cat
A couple in Russia found a cat with all four paws frozen in the ice under their car. Sergey Baranov said that the fluffy cat probably hid under his car looking for warmth but that the icy weather eventually froze his paws. He and his wife Yelena were able to move the car and had to use seven whole buckets of warm water to free the cat.

9. Antarctic Dinosaur
Paleontologists working on frozen Mt Patrick in Antarctica found what they described as an ice fossil popsicle containg the remains of an enormous, previously unknown dinosaur!! The new species of sauropodomorph was found over 4000 ft (1219 m) high.

8. Kilimanjaro Leopard
In 1926 a Lutheran pastor was out for a walk on the slopes of Mt. Kilimanjaro in Tanzania, Africa. He was 18,500 ft (5638 m) up the volcano so he must have been one in-shape pastor! But he got an even tougher rep when he encountered the freeze-dried remains of one of nature’s true predators, a leopard.

7. Cat in Pond
Newton, New Hampshire also suffered some extremely cold weather this year. A tabby cat was found stuck fast to the icy surface of a pond. Its paws and tail were frozen to the ice and it had a chunk of ice on its back. Help didn’t arrive for a while though so the poor kitty spent a whole night out in the frost.

6. Turkish Donkeys
A herd of donkeys were left outside in a rural village called Siverek in Southeastern Turkey. This region was experiencing some of the harshest winter temperatures in the country. Luckily for them a news crew noticed their predicament and filmed the ice-covered herd, some of which had long, thick icicles attached to their fur.

5. Colorado Coyotes
This once proud coyote was spotted by a photographer in the town of Silt, Colorado on a dirt road. It must have been extremely cold there because the deeply frozen animal appears to have died while walking or trying to sit up. Colorado had been experiencing temperatures of -30C for several weeks and animals just can’t handle it.

4. Snake River Antelopes
Animals have long-established patterns of migration but sometimes that can go terribly wrong. Last year a herd of about 500 pronghorn antelopes went across Snake River at Lake Walcott in South Central Idaho. But while about 200 crossed the river safely, others weren’t so lucky.

3. Penguins
On the Terre Adelie penguin colony in East Antarctica you’ll find an astonishing 36,000 Adelie penguins. Cute right?? However you won’t find any Happy Feet in this case thanks to dangerous levels of sea ice and extreme temperature drops that severely affected these hardy little characters.

2. Yukon Horses
In 2003 scientists exploring Canada’s Yukon Territory spotted a piece of bone jutting out of the frozen ground. It was too old for radiocarbon dating but it turns out that it was from a horse. The permafrost had preserved some DNA and when they were finally able to reconstruct its genetic code, they made a shocking discovery… the animal was around 700,000 years old!

1. Fox in Ice
While some of the animals found on ponds and lakes have been rescued, this fox was not so lucky. A hunter in Germany found a fox frozen in the icy Danube so he decided to cut it out and place it outside of his family’s hotel in Fridingen as a warning to his guests about the dangers of the river.

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