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17 Real Photos of Possible Aliens

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From aliens being held in cages, to photos hacked right off of Nasa’s database, here are 17 Real Photos of Possible Aliens.

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13. Agreement with Aliens
Some conspiracy theorists claim that the nuclear bomb that was dropped and the testing going on attracted some attention from out of this world. We decided to turn down offers from more spiritually advanced aliens known as the Pleiadians and took the darker path. Another more evil species of aliens known as the greys made contact with us and agreed to share their advanced technology but under one condition.

7. Extra Crispy
The Charred extraterrestrial remains of a mysterious object that came from the sky was found near the site of where the infamous meteor struck the Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico. The same location where the meteor struck earth and ended all signs life on this planet millions of years ago. This bizarre charred object was found among other burned debris after a flame struck the sky, causing power outages. The locals are extremely curious on what this could be. Is it possible that this whole incident wasn’t a meteor after all and was actually a crashed UFO these could very likely be the remains?!

6. The Amazonian Grey
Could a group of aliens possibly live within the massive unexplored parts of the Amazon?This photo was captured by a British tourist in the Amazon Rainforest in October 2011 and it appears to have an extremely peculiar creature in the background. This photo was obtained by writer Michael Coen in a particular part of the Amazon that’s known for it’s strange UFO sightings. There’s also a bright light located to the left part of the photo that could maybe be part of his spaceship or from another galaxy.

5. South Carolina Lizardman
this species of aliens has came to Earth, secretly controlled the human race and are about 7-9 feet tall. They have the ability to shapeshift and have taken form as our world leaders; like presidents, Kings/Queens, work as major financial banks executives. But could someone have possibly spotted a reptilian in their natural form or is this just a well executed hoax. This is certainly no hoax according to the sheriff of Lee County South Carolina. People originally thought it was bear but it had 3 fingers and a long tail. Over a dozen people of this rural county have made testimonies which all matched.

4. Egyptian Alien
This mummy was found buried in an ancient pyramid, according to disclose.tv. Was this alien worshipped as a god for it’s extremely advanced technological capabilities. Remains like this have created controversy. The mummy dates back to 20000 years and has reptilian traits. Everyone who has actually seen the mummy in person has concluded that it is not from this world. Is it possible the egyptians also made a deal with aliens to progress their technological advancements?

3. Graveyard Siting
Two alien like figures were spotted late at night, wandering around what the cameraman claimed to be a graveyard for some reason. What on earth would they be doing here? That’s not all, you can clearly make out the lights of the triangular UFO in the background. Some believe that when abducting people proves to be difficult, they go to the graveyards and resort to what they can get there. Or, could they be looking for something? Who knows...

2. Nordic Aliens
Nordic Aliens are also known as the Pleiades often resemble scandinavians and are described as being peaceful yet hypnotizing in a sense. They’re typically six to seven feet tall with skin tone often pale. They’re physical beauty often confuses people and they are able to communicate telepathically. This photo here seems to show a nordic alien who is also famous on youtube known as poppy. Much of her videos make absolutely no sense but she gets a ton of views anyways. People are often confused and even frightened after watching these strange videos and had no idea she was a nordic alien the entire time.

1. Russian Alien “Hoax?”
After reports of witnesses seeing UFO’s in the area, the discovery of these mysterious remains were found in Siberia, just north of Lake Baikal, Russia’s deepest lake. This photo shows a thin neck with bizarre gray, yellowish skin. The humanoid body is less than a meter tall and it’s big eyes give off the appearance of something out of this world. Many villagers believed it fell from the sky and the video that was on youtube stirred up so much trouble that even the Russian government decided to get involved. Some believe the UFO sightings were from military bombing exercises taking place in the area. But this seems like too convenient of an excuse. The two teenagers who found the body later confessed that it was a hoax, but not without going through some serious interrogations imposed by the Kremlin. Was it really all a hoax, or just a government cover up?.

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