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11 Places That Might Disappear Soon

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Whether it’s huge metropolitan cities with millions of people or famous landmarks we can’t imagine being without, here places that might disappear soon.

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6. Everglades
The everglades are slowly beginning to vanish due to the pollution of Lake Okeechobee so you might have to visit this one while you still can! This is the only UNESCO world heritage site in the US that made it to the endangered list along with 53 other locations from other nations.The everglades in Florida takes up a massive 2,357 square miles in central Florida but that number could be a lot lower very soon.. The swampy terrain and its animals are underthreat from pollution because of the phosphorus that was extensively used in agriculture in florida. Most people come here to get an upclose look at the alligators that call this place home! However a lot of people probably got surprised if they came across the panthers that live here as well! Lake Okeechobee is not in the best condition and if pollution continues to affect this fragile, swampy ecosystem, there might be any gators left to visit.

5. Coral Reefs
Beautiful coral reefs may unfortunately become a thing of the past especially the great barrier reef in Australia. Since coral appears to have a limited ability to adapt with CO2 levels this high and an increase in ocean temperature, their destruction seems inevitable. It appears that the only way they will survive is citizens and lawmakers come together in order to preserve them. The stress brought upon the coral from the warmer temperatures has led to what’s known as coral bleaching, causing them to turn more white. This then makes them weaker and unable to fight off disease. Many species of fish depend on these reefs as sources of food and places to hide from enemies, making it a place where vast biodiverse ecosystems call home. Australia’s great barrier reef the northern part is already severely bleached and at least 60 percent of it has been effected.

4.The City of Timbuktu
Located on the southern edge of the Sahara in the country of Mali, is where you’ll find the historical city of Timbuktu which is basically turning into dust. It’s used in expressions, describing a really far away place but it does actually exist and is under threat of disappearing due to drought! Between the 12th and 14 century, this city thrived and was extremely wealthy from trading salt and ivory. It became possibly the most important medieval city in continent of Africa. The historical importance is undeniable but the fertile land that allowed for it to thrive is turning into dry desert which makes it nearly impossible to grow food. Farmers are slaughtering their camels for food since there is no longer grass to feed their cattle. The difficult task of living on land which is going through the process of desertification could prove to be too much and timbuktu could turn into a ghost town, with no one to repair it.

3. Venice
Venice is a remarkable city in Northeastern italy where the visitors can see what life was like during the renaissance. Many remarkable monuments have been constructed here and this city showcases some of most unique feats of architecture and artwork. However it doesn’t appear as though this city was meant to last forever, because it is also sinking! Situated in the adriatic sea, it consists of hundreds of tiny little islands. You won’t find any roads here, just canals and those canals do flood occasionally mostly from high tides! The tidal floods seem to be causing more and more destruction of the city The soil in which the city was built isn’t very firm and it seems to be a question of when rather than if it’s going to happen. Italian officials are doing all they can do but it just appears to be a lost cause.

2. The Dead Sea
The dead sea makes up part of the border between Israel and Jordan and has quite a few unique properties to it. Could one of the world’s saltiest lakes start drying up finally? The dead sea has the lowest elevation on earth and even though nothing can survive living in this lake, it’s still quite a unique place that many people enjoy visiting. It’s looking like this sea might be dead and it’s losing 2 billion gallons of water each year. A large scale mining operation appears to be the source of the problem as well as water diversions from the Jordan River. As a result of its diminishing size, large sink holes seem to be forming along the coast which has made tourism an issue. There is a plan in effect to try to save the lake which require building a series of pipelines and canals to transport water to it. This would require cooperation between israel and it’s neighboring countries which we all know could be a little difficult.

New York City
The great city of Atlantis was rumored to once exist and is now completely under the water somewhere out there. Great Egyptian cities have been discovered underwater after being victims of land

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