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10 Mysterious Abandoned Places Around The World

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From strange ghost towns to creepy underground locations. These are 10 Mysterious Abandoned Places Around The World !

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8. Great Zimbabwe Ruins | Zimbabwe

Founded sometime in the 11th century, the ruins known as “great zimbabwe” are the only thing left in the area, from a time long gone.

When it was discovered in the 15th century, the city was already in ruins, so its not exactly known why it was abandoned, and where the estimated population of 18,000 people went.

It is believed that the ruins we are looking at are the remains of the royal palace, and interestingly enough, the nation of Zimbabwe is named after this city. One translation for the word Zimbabwe is “large house of stone”, and by the looks of it, this is indeed the GREAT zimbabwe. There are many other ruins in the area just called zimbabwe.

The main structure is also the oldest and largest one located in Southern Africa, with walls as high as 36ft (11m) that extend some 820ft(250m). There is evidence to suggest that more than 20 million ounces of gold were extracted from the area, and some of it made it all the way to China.

7.Pidhirtsi Castle | Ukraine

6.Chand Baori | India

Ahhh. Chand Baori, this mysterious ancient well has 3500 steps, that go 100 feet down. You merely adopted the dark… I was born in it. Or whatever.

As you might have guessed, this place became famous when it was featured in the Dark Knight Rises movie, but trust me on this, it was here long before the movie.

It is believed the stepwell was built sometime around 800 to 900 AD, and it was a great place for people to get some water and escape the heat. The air is about 5-10 degrees cooler at the bottom of the well, and all the fancy stuff on the side was reserved for the royals.

So what happened? Time, happened. Over the years most of the stepwells in India fell into disuse, some were turned into landfills, others were destroyed. The British Raj also outlawed these wells because they were seen as unsanitary.

Even though some locals still visit this well, it is safe to say that it does not serve its original purpose anymore, but its architectural beauty remains intact.

3. Kolmanskop | Namibia

Ghost Town - Check, Desolate - Check, Strange - Check, Eerily Beautiful - Double check.

These are the remains of the German mining town located in the namibian desert, some 5 miles from the coast. Kolmanskop was once home to people who decided that diamond mining in Africa at the turn of the 20th century was the best choice for them.

In 1928, the richest diamond bearing deposits were found 150 miles south of the village, and everyone, left. Seriously, they just packed their bags and left.

I won’t bore you with details since this place is pretty famous, but no matter what, it has to feel weird walking around houses that are covered by 3 to 5 feet of sand.

2.Chiatura | Georgia

Located right in the heart of Georgia, Chiatura was once a commercially exploitable town that thrived off of the local mining industry.

In the 50’s, it was decided that walking from the city to the mines took way too much time, and decreased production. So the government installed many of these cable car systems. Many of them lead to nowhere, well not exactly nowhere, rather, derelict buildings that no longer operate.

Believe it or not, some of these trams are still operational, and are being used by residents of the city to this day. I would not be so eager to jump into one of these “” as the locals call them.

Not too far from the city of Chiatura, you can find yourself in the Georgian backcountry, staring at the Katskhi pillar. On top you can see a long forgotten church, with a few hermit cells. Hermits are religious people who choose to live in solitude. The structures were built some time in the 9th century, and because of their great defensive location, they have survived to this day. Yay !

1.Viaduct Petrobras | Brazil

In the jungles surrounding Sao Paulo, you can stumble across an unfinished viaduct. The government had plans of joining these roads, and a lot of the work for the mountain pass began before plans were complete.

Which is a great way to waste funds and materials, because by the time this massive stretch of the road was complete, the planning committee decided to build the roads along the coastline.

Right now, there is a way for you to get somewhat close to this stretch of road, just be careful.

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