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10 Most Ridiculously Expensive Foods in the World

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The super-rich love experiencing the taste of foods which carry a story, which is why they are charged extortionate prices for their delicacies.Watch the video to begin our countdown of the top 10 most expensive foods in the world!

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We suggest that you watch the video for a more informative and entertaining experience, but a list of the 10 is below:

10. Albarragena Jamon Iberico de Bellota
➢Eating a controlled diet of acorns and roots, these pigs are massaged and cared for like kings.

9. Aizakura Wagyu Beef
➢The Aizakura Wagyu Beef is a specially selected breed producing delicious marbled meat.

8. Matsutake Mushroom
➢Prized for its highly distinctive taste and odor, the Matsutake Mushroom is the world’s most expensive mushroom prized at $500 per kilogram.

7. Civet Coffee
➢This is the only coffee that comes from animal poop. Asian palm civets are fed coffee berries until they poop it out.

6. The Ayam Cemani Chicken
➢Perhaps the most elegant chicken in the world, this all-black chicken is really black inside out—from feathers to eyes to internal organs!

5. White Truffles
➢These items have become difficult to cultivate, thus explaining the exorbitant price.

4. Saffron
➢Saffron threads come from the stamens of a crocus, a flower which requires high maintenance.

3. Red Bird’s Nest
➢These nests are made by Swifts who produce the nest by spitting a sweet chemical compound.

2. Rare Caviar Almas
➢The Almas is a rare caviar taken from the Iranian Beluga fish.

1. Albino White Gold Caviar
➢A special type of caviar, made from rare albino fish eggs and laced with 22-carat gold, is thought to be the most expensive food on the planet.

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