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10 Ancient Mysteries of Mesopotamia

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From the epic of Gilgamesh to mysterious buildings and places; These are 10 ANCIENT Mysteries of Mesopotamia

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10. First City Builders

9. Cuneiform

8. Ubaid Lizard Man

7. Epic of Gilgamesh

6. Enuma Elish

5. The List of Kings
Another mysterious ancient text that’s written in the mesopotamia region is certainly the list of kings. This cuneiform tablet was known as the Sumerian King list dates back to around 2100 BC and is a list of 140 different kings, some which seem to live abnormally long lives. Although the sumerians were advanced for age in which they lived, living to 40 years was a long time back them. However the kings, were direct descendants of the gods and the lists states that some have lived 10’s of thousands of years. One record of one of the first kings named Alalngar states that his reign lasted 36,000 years. What is going on here? Then as you look at the lists of more recent dynasties, the kings’ reigns are a little more normal. Although it’s possible some of these are exaggerated but other historical records seem to have people living this long. What do you believe?

4. Ancient Handbag
For whatever reason, the depiction of gods like the annunaki are holding onto handbags that almost appear to look like a modern day purse of some type, like you see in this photo. But hold on it gets even more mysterious, this image from the olmec kingdom, all the way across the world in modern day mexico, seem to carrying on to a very similar looking object, next to a reptile-serpent looking creature. And then hold on minute, this photo was captured at the first known religious complex, Gobekli Tepe in Turkey displaying 3 handbags at the top, making you wonder if all three of these people from all over the world were seeing the same thing. Some ancients texts describe that the gods, would bring “knowledge” with them in bags. What exactly could be in these bags and what did they mean by knowledge exactly. Let us know what you think is in the bag in the comment section and maybe we’ll feature your answer in an upcoming video.

3. Hanging Gardens of Babylon
One of the most enduring mysteries of Mesopotamia and wonders ofthe ancient world in general is, the hanging gardens of babylon.It would have been located in the city state of Babylon and was most likely constructed by the assyrian king King Nebuchadnezzar, who built it for his wife who was homesick. This illustration portrays King Nebuchadnezzar as powerful ruler with the Hanging Gardens, in a fairly accruate depiction This was one of the Greatest Kings of all time who ruled a confirmed 37 years during a prosperous period of the city state. The hanging gardens would have most likely been a ziggurat type structure, like we saw in Ur, only covered in lavish gardens from all over the known world. There’s no solid archaeological evidence that the gardens ever existed, but it is described in quite detailed accounts and many large aqueducts leading to Babylon seem to point to some evidence there something big going on here.

2. Lost in History
Archaeologists haven’t had a ton of time to analyse historical records of mesopotamia because much of their culture had gone forgotten about until the 19th century, when new discoveries were made. Many kingdom s and empires took over this land of the fertile crescent and there’s possibly still many secrets to uncover about the first civilizations. French and British archaeologists stumbled upon ancient cities and the cuneiform tablets while they were hunting artifacts of the assyrians. No one had any idea until the discovery of Nineveh how advanced the Sumerians truly were with literature and mathematics. What else we don’t know about them still remains a mystery.

1.The Great Flood
One of the most enduring mysteries of ancient Sumeria is indeed the epic of Gilgamesh, but something happened in this story is well known in many different cultures and is even depicted in the Bibl. The story of Noah’s Ark and the Epic of Gilgamesh have striking similarities. The Annuna ki gods council were apparently upset with man’s sins and sent a flood to wipe humans off the planet. While some people find this legend of the great flood to mythological, the epic of gilgamesh is much older and this myth is found all over the world. Could the anunnaki have regretted their decision to help mankind advance and sent an asteroid or some type of super weapon that would flood the entire known world? Whatever you believe to true, one thing is certain; a lot of the great achievements by the ancient mesopotamians have helped changed planet earth and they tend to credit other worldly beings for these accomplishments.

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